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Slovenian Emigrant Association Board Member Nadia Molek wins the first prize of the Government Office for Slovenians Abroad for her doctoral dissertation

The 21st annual prize competition for undergraduate theses, postgraduate theses and doctoral dissertations studying Slovenians abroad has demonstrated an increasing trend in the amount of research in this field – particularly the subfield of emigrations. 17 works were submitted this year, and a total of 373 in the past 21 years. This year, the first prize for undergraduate theses, postgraduate theses and doctoral dissertations studying Slovenians abroad went to Nadia Molek, a Board Member at the Slovenian Emigrant Association.

Slovenians in Pula showcase a diverse cultural engagement

In mid-October, Slovenian Cultural Association Istria organized the 2023 Slovenian Culture Days (Dnevi slovenske kulture 2023 in Slovenian) in the Istrian port city of Pula. Attending the festival on 14 October 2023 were also representatives of the Slovenian Emigrant Association – President Boris Jesih and Ženja Simonič, who were accompanied by Mojca Cvetkovič, a Slovenian emigrant to Brisbane, Australia. The event took place on the premises of the Italian Community of Circolo, which make a breathtaking venue for cultural events.


Oskar Molek: A photograph is not a postcard

Oskar Molek was born in a family of Slovenian emigrants who have made their lives in Argentina. His father originally comes from Bela krajina, and his mother from Primorska. In September, the multi-talented photographer, publicist, researcher and professor held an exhibition entitled The Microcosmos of Buenos Aires-Ljubljana from 1986 to 2023 (Mikrokozmos Buenos Aires-Ljubljana 1986–2023 in Slovene).Molek was also the guest of honor at the series of evening events dubbed In the Heart of the Homeland (Sredi domovine in Slovene), where the Government Office hosts exceptional artists living and making art outside our homeland. The events were co-organized by the Slovenian Emigrant Association.

Throughout his life, Molek has felt connected to both Slovenia and Argentina, yet he does not feel torn between his two homelands. This can also be seen in the exhibited photos, which bridge the gap between both worlds. As he explained in the interview for Rodna gruda, he is both an Argentine Slovenian and a Slovenian Argentine. “My heart belongs both here and there,” he claims. When asked whether he identifies more with the softness of Bela krajina or the temperament of Primorska, he replies, “I sometimes feel more connected to Bela krajina, and other times to Primorska – it all depends on my mood.” This fall, Molek visited Novo mesto, but he also feels drawn to Primorska.


The Fire that Engulfed Europe: A book each European should read

The Fire that Engulfed Europe is a book written by Borut Klabjan and Gorazd Bajec. The book, which also commemorates the arson of the Trieste National Hall 100 hundred years ago, provides an excellent insight into the lives of Slovenians in Italy. The Slovenian Emigrant Association and Slovenian Association for International Relations organized a presentation of the book and discussion about the rise of fascist ideology in Italy and Europe, where we also had the chance to ask Gorazd Bajec about the content of the book and how it was written.

Slovenians in Business

Pushpa Devi, “You go to the USA to make a living, but Mexico is where you find a rich culture and personal relationships.”

Pushpa Devi moved from Slovenia to Mexico in 2008, when she could no longer resist her strong urge to do so. She describes it as hear heart calling, which Mexicans refer to as coronozada. They say anyone who ignores it will wither. Once in Mexico, she also felt the need to change her name because she no longer identified with the one she had been given. This year in September, she has become a Mexican Citizen. She lives in the state of Oaxaca. And she loves to laugh.

Cvetka Rojko, her maiden name is Cipot, was born and grew up in Murska Sobota. For several years, she lived in Ljubljana where she studied applied mathematics, after which she returned home. While she originally aspired to become a developer, she soon became a teacher of mathematics. Later, she worked as a mathematics consultant at the National Education Institute in Slovenia for ten years. During her studies, she developed an interest in yoga, the complexity of which completely captivated her.

She had always wanted to go abroad – and not just in the sense of travels. It was not until 2004 that she knew for sure she would one day move to Mexico to become a teacher of everyday yoga. Why Mexico? She has no concrete answers – it was a calling that she could not resist.

Wonders of Slovenia

Jeruzalemske gorice: A landscape that would even take St. Martin’s breath away

Prlekija, along with the famous settlement of Jeruzalem, is one of the most beautiful wine regions in the world and rightfully dubbed a heaven on earth. We talked to Daša Horn, an advisor at the Prlekija Development Agency. For the readers of Rodna gruda, she explainedhow Prlekija and Jeruzalem rose to prominence and shared some interesting facts about the Jeruzalem ribniki – Jeruzalemske Gorice regional park.

Slovenian landscape

October marked by Slovenia being the Guest of Honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Patti Smith captivated the audience at her concert in Gorizia and the 26th Festival of Slovenian Film showcased what our moviemakers have produced in the past year. In response to increased security threats, a number of countries, along with Slovenia, have decided to increase their internal border controls. Slovenia was the Guest of Honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair, which was the most important foreign cultural event for Sovenia thus far. The Ljubljana Marathon saw the triumph of a Kenyan runner and a new record in the female category.