A book of stories by Slovenian emigrants by Janez Rogelj

In mid-February, the Slovenian Emigrant Association hosted a presentation of Zgodbe slovenskih izseljencev v sliki in besedi – 1. del (Stories of Slovenian Emigrants in image and text: Part 1 in English), a book by Janez Rogelj, a long-time Head Secretary of the Slovenian Emigrant Association. While it is just the first release in a series, it is a monumental work that adds a valuable piece to the mosaic of Slovenian emigration.

The book is a continuation of Rogelj’s symbolically titled blog Kovček (Suitcase in English), where the author has been sharing his writings for four years. The book and its upcoming sequels recount or will recount the memories of emigrants whose economic, scientific, technological, cultural or sporting achievements cannot be measured, but they most likely still present an integral part of Slovenian emigration. As the author states in the introduction, “The publication of this book started uncovering valuable memories of Emigrants – for now only those from Sweden and Brazil – and the historical foundations for the establishment and development of the Slovenian Emigrant Association.”


Irena Preda: From Slovenia to London and opera stages worldwide

After just four years of solo singing lessons, Irena Preda was selected from more than 300 people from all over the world who auditioned for the Trinity College of Music in London. The most prestigious British music academy in Great Britain is part of Trinity Laban – the first British conservatory of music and dance. As part of her studies in London, Preda, who is a soprano, has given countless performances, including jazz and gospel concerts. Her first opera role was in 2005, when she performed in Dido and Aeneas by Henry Purcell.


Ruth Banko’s and Daniel Perissé’s project Buenos Aires: Urban Bricolage

“We want to bring technical knowledge into tango as dancing involves specific technique.”

They arrived at the end of 2021 with five suitcases, three children, unfinished notebooks with project notes and books, such as Fictions by Borges. According to Belgian anthropologist Lévi-Strauss, Ruth and Daniel are bricoleurs constantly striving to make order of and sensibly shape their turbulent journey through life. They remind us that it is important to take responsibility for getting to know ourselves and accept ourselves. To take responsibility for what we feel, so that we can share and give what we are.


Karin Pečelin: EXPO Dubai 2020 has opened the door of Arabia to Slovenia

After completing her studies in economy at the University of Ljubljana, Karin Pečelin immediately delved into international business. Today, she works as the Secretary General of the Slovenian-Arab Business Council, an organization that fosters commercial and economic relationship between Slovenia and the Arab countries.


Vinski štrukeljci

Translated literally into English, an old Slovenian proverb says, “An empty bag does not stand upright.” This is something dedicated housewives were well aware when making sure people working the fields were not left with empty stomachs. Especially during a harvest, they liked to show off their culinary skills. One of the interesting dishes housewives from Hotedršica used to make and still make from time to time are so-called vinski štrukeljci (wine rolls in English). It was a perfect dish to motivate hard-working harvesters.